Happiness is Sports, Sportwalk

When we recall that day out, with our father and the first time that he imparted his knowledge of holding the bat, a smile runs across our face. When we recall our first goal, that brought cheers of excitement from our mates, our cheeks give in, to a sly smile. When we revisit our rooms during the semester holidays, and see those newspaper cuttings we pasted on our walls, the memories rush back. Relishing the memories of our favourite stars creating records and the favourite team winning feel priceless. Sports filled our childhood days with unmatched happiness.

As we grow up and understand this world, the definition of sports changes. For some, it defines the idea of an inner joy while for a few others; it becomes a mode of living. But then, the basic principle of being attached to sports remains the same. We play because it makes us happy. We talk about it because it makes us happy. We watch because it makes us happy.

Sports unites and provokes a sense of belonging to another. It gives us so much more than just the feeling of victory and defeat. It infuses into us a sense of belonging that unites us all. It knows no religion and it sees no colour. Sports create companionship. Sports create happiness.

And we at Sportwalk recreate the same. We spread happiness through sports.